Fire Elements

Fempyre offers packages of fire. Typical examples of sets include two 15 minute sets in one hour, or a 30 minute full scale fire show. Clients may choose 5-6 props or acts from this comprehensive list per hour of entertainment.

Fempyre specialize in rare fire props and techniques, and we have extensive experience with indoor fire.

While fempyre is organized as an all female troupe, we enjoy our collaborations with male performers. Catch us featuring amazing male performers at our public performances.

Marina torches in Lyra


Combine Lyra with fire eating, fire torches, or a ground show for our Fire and Air act. Visually incredible and a rare spectacle, this layer provides the viewer with a spectacular display of the elements. Freestanding rigs available.

Belly Dance Palm Torches Leather costume
Bedlah and palm torches

ATS/ Bellydance

The beauty of fire with the look of belly dance! Fempyre members have advanced belly dance technique combined with fire manipulation. Many different props can pair with belly dance, including palm torches, scimitars, fire fingers, hip belts and more. Ask us about ATS, the style that makes performances look choregraphed but are actually built by cues from a leader.

Fire Breathing Fire Performer
Jo Partner Fire Breathing

Fire Breathing

Talk about a crowd pleaser! Breaths that create dragon like combustions! Nothing stops a show and makes the crowd say “WOW” like fire breathing. Adequate space is needed for this technique.

Daphne Fire Staff

Contact Staff

You may ask yourself, “What happened to color guard from high school?” Ok, maybe not, but we’ll tell you. We started lighting all that on fire! Gorgeous and strong! These ladies speak softly and carry big, fiery sticks.

Costume Design

Alley in Ish Factor Fire Crown


Jaw dropping, regal, and impressive, a crown is an impressive accessory to any fire show! Can be paired with other fire props such as wings, scimitars, palm torches, and more.

Fire Cube Fire Performer
Brianna Fire Cube


This answers the philosphical question “How extra can you be?” Perfect for large venues with a large audience so that the fire can be seen from a distance! This specialty prop requires extra assembly prior to a performance. See it in Action

Devil’s Dust

Brianna Double Staffs

Double Staffs

These staffs make hypnotic geometric shapes and frame the performer beautifully. Get a group together for something really visually impressive. Ask us about our double staff routines

Jo Dragon Staff

Dragon Staff and Partner Dragon

Another Visually stunning prop. This staff puts off a lot of fire and transfixes audiences. It moves well for those with a dance background. It looks great Solo or With a Partner.

Jo Advanced Fire Eating

Fire Eating

A crowd favorite, Fire eating entertains any age audience! We have advanced fire eaters with full routines ready to engage your party. Bonus this small flame can be a more intimate experience, like a dinner party

Marina Fire Fans

Fire Fans

These unique props are like extensions of the hands. Very popular among the fire performer circuit, fire fans require a lot of expertise for a strong visual effect. They look great solo or with a friend.

Finger Torches

Finger torches enhance the movements of the performer and create a really cool effect. These burn fast, about two minutes, so the effect is fast and amazing. Looks great with dancing.

Group Routines

Combine fire with choreography! This specialty focus sets Fempyre apart. Group routines add a beauty, rarity, and unforgettable element to any event. This is where Fempyre excels.

Hip Belts

Just a fun and funky accessory. It adds to the natural movements of the performer! Moves well and looks great with luau’s or belly dance!

Hoops and Double Hoops

Crowd favorite might be redundant but no really, crowd favorite. Take you back to childhood PE then set it on fire. Single hoops are great, but the real treat is the double hoops.


Long Swords

Big, big fire! great for large venues where the fire needs to be seen from the back. Ask us about our fire duels!

Lycopodium Wands

Similar to the long swords, this prop releases powder for a strong combustion effect!

Brianna Fire Fans


Available for photo shoots, collaborations, and videos where that added oomph can set the tone.

Jo Palm Torches

Palm Torches

These allow for a lot of movement and intimate proximity. Get close to the fire without being overwhelmed. A pretty and fun addition to any act. Can be layered with hip belts and crown.


It’s raining fire with this sunny prop. Brightens any night gathering with a picturesque frame. Rolls on the body like a staff. Great with dance.

Poi and Partner Poi

If fire performers had a staple prop, that would be poi. Could be known as the prop that started them all, poi has its origins in differnt cultures. The fems bring the fire poi, and up the ante with partner and triple routines.

Scimitar and Double Scimitar

Titanium Powder