About FemPyre Fire Art

FemPyre was founded in 2017 to bring new life to North Texas’ performing arts scene with a multidisciplinary troupe of movement artists producing hypnotic fire spinning and LED prop acts. Helmed by Brianna Apsara, and Jo England, FemPyre Fire Arts brings together the best of belly dance, fire spinning, flow arts, and circus acts.

Facebook: facebook.com/FemPyre
Instagram: @fem_pyre

Brianna Apsara
Performance and Dance Director, Flame Effects Operator

Brianna Apsara has years of training in belly dance from some of the most respected teachers in the nation that she draws upon to develop the stunning fire performance and LED choreography for FemPyre.

Jo England
Marketing and PR Director

Jo England is a professional journalist by day and a fire performer by night. She’s been playing with fire since 2015, and her specialty is a daring double fire hoop act that is sure to please a crowd.

Marina Turner
Flame Manipulator and Dancer

Marina is an experienced multi-prop dancer available for fire and & LED performance. Her style of dance stems from her background in yoga and marital arts. She adds flexibility and fluidity to her routines to dazzle the audience. Hoops and fans are some of her specialties.