Brianna Apsara

Brianna Apsara performing with double fire staffs

Fire Performance And Dance Director

Based in Dallas, Tx, Brianna Apsara is a nationally performing dance instructor and fire dancer with a captivating blend of disciplines that will mesmerize any audience. She choreographs routines, creates fire safe costumes at FemPyre Design, and teaches dance, flow arts, and fire spinning classes.

“Brianna is a beautiful dfw-based creator who will leave you awestruck and inspired. Her dance and flow performances are ephemeral and enchanting. Her style is graceful, sexy, transporting you to the world of the Goddess. If you are looking for an amazing and out of the box performance artist, I highly recommend Brianna Apsara.”

Amy T.

Brianna’s dance experience includes tribal fusion, flexibility, aerials, stilt walking, costume design, and fire eating/breathing. Her proficiency in a wide range of art forms allows her to create one of a kind performances that are enrapturing and hypnotic.

Brianna and the Dallas based FemPyre Fire Art team provide ambient or full scale LED and fire performances with an extensive range of light or fire props to create the perfect atmosphere for any venue, while Brianna’s creativity in costume design and heart filled choreography will bring a breath of fresh air to your gathering.

Brianna performs in full scale choreographed shows for festivals, improv with musicians, go-go dancing in nightclubs, family friendly entertainment at house parties, and private lessons.

Brianna’s Designs: Instagram – @FemPyreDesign.

Formal Instruction: Rachel Brice 8 Elements, Isis and the Star Dancers, and multiple workshops and retreats.

Previous clients: Scarborough Faire, Sherwood Renaissance Festival, Holistic Festival of Life and Wellness, Cosmic Yogi Festival, Four Seasons Approved Entertainer, Night Lights Festival

Brianna is a licensed and insured Flame Effects Operator in the State of Texas, and she is able to pull permits for public fire use.